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By admin, October 19, 2014 Comments Off Personal, Philosophy

…thx, sweetie, for sending this…this is AS IT IS! Raj, et al… Some great arguments/discussions on this forum, so far [:)] This is in response to the frustrations faced by many of you from time to time. I can understand… Read More »

By admin, October 7, 2014 Comments Off Personal, Philosophy

“Perfection” means absolute adherence or correspondence to a standard of value. Perfection is possible, and it’s a contextual issue. If you take a 10-word spelling test, and you spell all ten words correctly, then you have executed the test flawlessly;… Read More »

By admin, July 29, 2014 Comments Off Personal

So, after I had an argument with someone near to me about “fashion sense”, I was left pretty astounded by the opinions people carry about their own and that of others. Clothing, accessories IS in part one’s measure of self-esteem…. Read More »

By admin, July 25, 2014 Comments Off Personal, Philosophy

If ART is inspiring, then it appeals to that within me that is the most important of all things to me: my values. The various types of art viz. literature, music, painting, sculpture, dance, architecture, etc. are concrete expressions of… Read More »

By admin, June 18, 2014 Comments Off Personal

Yes, control! Such a simple word, such an incredible demand! Especially when a person’s philosophy, in essence, is “the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement… Read More »

By admin, June 6, 2014 Comments Off Personal

QUOTE Imagine: how fucked up you have to be if you can’t even hide your madness with bland prose! Even if we don’t consider the wasted time, consider the wasted energy – the emotional cost of dealing with constant misunderstandings… Read More »

By admin, May 10, 2014 Comments Off Business Development, Personal

Dear Sylvain Liotard, Your grouch against me is simply THIS: that I refused to pay you out for your card room. Yes, I did. Because YOU, misrepresented user id’s and played YOURSELF as an ordinary player on your own site… Read More »

By admin, May 2, 2014 Comments Off Personal

They called you the mini-CEO, the “boss’s son” and what-not! You didn’t realize it, nor care…you shot those sycophants in their blatant corruptions, with your baby demands…better than, I, your parent ever could… “I have found, unlike comments I’ve heard… Read More »

By admin, April 1, 2014 Comments Off Personal, Philosophy

I have not understood the fuss in all your actions. I see random thoughts, less or no integration. I see veiled attacks, then thoughtless posturing. What for? A note on disagreement – anyone can, and should, disagree. It’s healthy. It’s… Read More »

By admin, February 19, 2014 Comments Off Personal, Philosophy

Some physicists claim certain parts of physics are governed not by the identity of the entities involved but by chance (or partially by chance). This however is merely an attempt to evade finding the actual causes involved. I remember a… Read More »