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Important Terms All Start-Up Founders Should Know

Important Terms All Start-Up Founders Should Know1

Starting up a company can sometimes feel overwhelming, not least because it means reading up on a host of new information. Becoming a founder means taking an interest in every aspect of your business, including those outside your comfort zone and indeed your previous experience.

From buzzwords to classic accounting terms, there’s always something new to learn, so I’ve put together this (by no means exhaustive) list of common business terms that you may or may not have come across before, with a brief explanation of their meanings.

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Maximizing Business Profits with Cloud-Based Apps

Maximizing business Profits With Cloud-Based Apps

It is predicted that, by the year 2020, about 78% of small businesses will be using cloud-based apps to help perform a variety of business functions. Why? It’s proven, in most cases, to make tasks easier and business operations cheaper.

Cloud-based technology is a type of technology that relies on the internet, rather than devices or local servers, to move information. Small and large businesses are moving their information and services to cloud computing technology to decrease technology risk and maximize team efficiency.

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5 Essential Steps to Prepare for a Successful IPO

prepare for a successful IPO

The lead up to your company IPO is an exciting time – but it’s also a busy one. There’s a lot to be considered when taking your company public, and your preparations should begin well in advance. Planning is key, and adjustments will need to be made across your entire organization to ensure that you’re ready for your public offering. While every company has different needs and requirements, there are some top tips that apply to everybody. These five essential steps should be deployed by any business about to hit the public market.

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4 Technology Trends That Will Change The World In 2017

Technology Trends 2017

It’s a brave new world this year, in more ways than one. As well as obvious shifts in social and political paradigms, there’s been constant evolution within the technology sector that could mean an entirely new way of doing business for small start-ups and corporate giants alike. While a number of trends have emerged over the course of recent years, I’ve highlighted four technology trends that look set to make headlines in 2017 as the changing face of technology in business.

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The 6-Step Process for Bouncing Back from a Business Failure

Bouncing Back from a Business Failure

When you reach your first business failure, it is easy to feel like a failure yourself. But, most entrepreneurs would be lying if they said they never failed at a business venture after starting up their businesses. Most business owners, at one time or another, will fail at a business-related task or venture. And guess what? They live to tell about it.

A business failure does not make you a personal failure. And bouncing back from a business failure is absolutely possible, should you choose to continue your business and move it in the direction of success.

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5 Essential Growth Hacking Tools to Build Your Business

Essential Growth Hacking Tools

Growing a business can actually be a fairly simple process when you make use of the thousands of helpful growth hacking tools on the web. Best of all, some of them are completely free. Why pay to grow your business when you don’t have to?

Still, even the ones you pay for are well worth it if you want to see your numbers grow exponentially with little effort. They key to expanding your business in today’s world is to create a strong digital brand that helps promote your business. This means you have to venture into the world of websites, blogs, and social media.

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A Technology Ecommerce Marketplace – New Frontiers

Technology Ecommerce Marketplace

The internet is an endless system of products waiting to be bought. More and more shoppers are searching online for the things they need and want, and it’s quickly becoming the popular way to browse and shop.

According to Internet Retailer, by the year 2020, online sales are expected to reach $532 billion and there will be about 270 million active online shoppers. Most of this shopping is expected to take place on mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones.

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Starting a Successful Ecommerce Business

Successful Ecommerce Business

There’s a lot to think about when you’re on the road to build your own successful ecommerce business. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular routes for start-ups to take, so I’ve come up with a rough guide for new founders, featuring five key areas to focus on.

Your Product

First things first, you need to pick your product carefully. Many independent online retailers start off as Amazon sellers (or similar). If this is the route you’re taking, you need to ensure you find a manufacturer that’s a good match for your identity, your price point and your customers. Order a small amount to test quality and reliability before committing to larger orders or outsourcing to a third party warehouse.

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Common Mistakes StartUp Companies Make

Common mistakes startup companies make

Common Mistakes StartUp Companies Make:

Starting a business from scratch can be daunting even for the most ambitious entrepreneur. There are a lot of conflicting opinions on what you should be doing, but there are a few things that many founders agree you definitely should not. I’ve put together here a quick list of mistakes to avoid when you’re setting up a start-up.

Picking the Wrong Employees

When founding a start-up company, your employees will be your greatest assets. It’s important to weigh up salary expectations against the skills you require. Often companies will turn to interns as a way of keeping costs low, but if you don’t have the resources to train up junior staff members you could end up costing yourself in the long run. Instead, invest in talent in the areas that will be most important during your early years, such as tech, marketing and customer service.

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What is The Best Retail Pricing Strategy?

retail pricing strategy

Throughout my tryst with e-commerce, I’ve been frequently asked regarding what would be the best retail pricing strategy or strategies to adopt. Now, I know that the Flipkarts and the Snapdeals are worth billions of dollars, but do they pull any profits in yet? Not at the last count, despite being there for several years now. I feel one of the flaws they have is an improper comprehensive retail pricing strategy.

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