I’ve been a big doer of in-your-face, right from the start. Since I built my first company when I was 16, and it has continued ever since. My sales teams are geared to respond adequately in these matters; sometimes, seemingly to the point of arrogance. Some of them use punch lines to the hilt. My ONLY requirement is this: talk about our products and our services as exactly as they are! We should give information that will help the client and the process, the handshake should be more than a single-night-stand; a courting that lasts several dates.

Most of the emails/communications from my companies begin with a punch line, the headline…check THIS one out, for instance (at times, in the subject of the communique):

WAS THE CAKE TOO SOUR? (for a client in the process of moving over to our software from a popular network)

ENTERED THE WRONG DOOR? (for a client tired of another software company named after the first word of the punch line question)

My BD VP told me: This message goes straight for the jugular vein. Let it!

Yes, it pulls no punches. It’s hard hitting and very bold. It lets everyone know that we want to take their customers; they made a shit mess of it all in the first place. Overpromising, underdelivering, cruising along – desperate survival in an industry that is losing a gold standard because of too many agents out to re-sell poor quality products. And more. We will set it right.

Look, if people are giving us their business responding to our aggressive marketing, they are essentially speaking with their wallet that they want what we have (and that they trust us). Especially when we have what few can offer.

Too many business owners are worried about what people think of them than selling a good product and services. I can’t tell you the zillions of times I’ve heard someone say, “We want to keep our good reputation. What you’re telling us to do sounds weird.” We’re NOT doing Something Dishonest or Unethical. Not at all…we should test more aggressive marketing tactics and if they work, we go with them. If they don’t work, we then drop them. But, we won’t let our ego stand in our way of success. We’ll stretch our comfort zone. And, our imagination.

But, here’s the deal: we will have CLIENTS in order to build our PRODUCTS! NOT the other way round! This implies that the CLIENT will come first before the product, ONLY such a client would like and respect our products and services. Those that understand this and appreciate this will seek us out.


Aniket Warty

Aniket Warty

Adventure Capitalist. I need no sanction for my life, permission for my freedom, or excuse for my wealth: I am the sanction, the warrant, and the reason. The creation of wealth is merely an extension of my innate freedom to produce.
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