This Year’s Most Exciting Start-Up Companies (As seen on Huffingtonpost):

Recent years have seen a significant rise in technology – and along with that has come a rise in aspiring entrepreneurs. Start-ups are the new beating heart of the business world and investors are constantly on the lookout for promising new business ideas to get behind and looking out for those most exciting start-up companies. I’ve selected here some of the most exciting start-up companies to launch in the past year, from tech companies to social enterprises.


Zipline is a tech company that’s restoring faith that technology isn’t just for selfies and witty tweets. Created to tackle the problems associated with delivering quality medical care in areas with poor infrastructure, Zipline’s first product is a small robot airplane or drone called Zip, which can deliver essential supplies to previously unreachable areas.

The technology might not be simple, but the process is: healthcare workers order vaccines, medicine or blood via text. Zip can be loaded up and launched in minutes, and it travels towards its destination at 100km per hour. Supplies are dropped off and the drone returns.

Zip’s first mission is in Rwanda, where it’s set to start making deliveries this summer. A partnership with the national government should see twenty hospitals and health centres receive vital blood supplies and improve healthcare for millions of citizens.


Winnow is a UK start-up co-founded by Marc Zornes, author of the Global Institute report “Resource Revolution”, and Kevin Duffy, a former Peace Corps volunteer and a commodities investment banker.

While working on his paper, Zornes discovered that approximately one-third of all food grown ends up not being eaten – and there were very few measures in place to address the issue. That’s when he and Duffy came together to create Winnow – a system that helps kitchens cut food waste.

The Winnow System measures how much food is being wasted, creates a tailored report and helps companies estimate how much they actually need to be buying, and how much money is being wasted.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is another company that’s tackling food waste – but they’ve taken rather a different tack. This tech start-up has come out with an app that allows economical diners to buy leftover meals from restaurants that would otherwise be thrown away.

Development on Too Good To Go started in Denmark in mid-2015, and was ready to take to the UK earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, it’s been a huge success. Diners get their favourite meals at bargain prices (they come at a maximum of £3.80) and restaurants are able to collect on food that would otherwise have been written off.

As well as helping tackle the food crisis, Too Good To Go have added an extra environmental aspect by packaging leftovers in an eco-friendly sugarcane box. That’s what you call comprehensive branding!


In the age that has seen almost all forms of payment possible at the touch of a button (or the tap of a phone), tipping is one area that’s been left behind. Consumers are often reluctant to tip electronically; it feels impersonal and many worry that the server won’t ever see the money.

TipGenie has come up with a solution. Using this app, you can send money directly from your phone, accompanied by a personalised thank-you note. You can choose any amount you like, and you can even send an instant message to the management team if you’d like to leave extra feedback.

Right now it’s still in the development stages, but with optimistic investors and a head office in Silicon Valley, this start-up is expected to see great success.

The Bolt

In a world that’s constantly on the go, car phone chargers are considered an essential accessory to most mobile phone owners. But what does that mean for countries that have different styles of transport?

According to research undertaken by Pew Research, just 6% of India’s residents own a car, whereas 47% own motorbikes. It seems only natural, then, that it was an Indian start-up company that came up with The Bolt – a mobile phone charger for your motorbike.

Capable of charging any phone, weather resistant and easily portable, The Bolt is fast becoming a must-have for bikers across the country. As an added bonus, it not only charges your phone but also automatically tracks your route including your total distance and average speed.

Share your thoughts on my pick of start-ups. Which idea are you most excited about? Are there any companies you think I should have included?

Aniket Warty

Aniket Warty

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3 thoughts on “Most Exciting Start-Up Companies of this Year

  1. These are all so exciting! I love the Zip one, it’s so refreshing to see companies trying to serve the common good.

  2. Winnow sounds good, taking what I read on your other post I think I should follow them a bit to learn how they are telling their story

  3. This is a truly impressive list of startups, how did you come across all of them? I had previously heard about the Too Good To Go one, but Zipline and Winnow were completely new to me! I’m so happy to see people thinking about more than just the bottom dollar! I can’t say I have any to add, but I’d love to see what others you come across!

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