Personal Philosophy

The Earning Curve

Another thing both Nikesh and me have been criticized for is quick and swift promotions of key staff members. For instance when Amey was promoted to VP, a lot of underlings, who do not work with us anymore, were yelping behind his and our back saying it was most undeserved. Or when Arin was appointed as the COO, the same folks (there was a popular term for those guys: gossip girls!) claimed that it was a big joke! Both deserved their promotions; for their loyalty, their tenacity, their ability, their passion for work. Simple as that, we saw it; we rewarded it. Yes, we do tend to see the infinite potential in each deserving human being and arm them with responsibilities which they have to shoulder and rise up to the learning that we believe they will rise to. They have “earned” it, we reasoned.

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The Physics A is A Too

Some physicists claim certain parts of physics are governed not by the identity of the entities involved but by chance (or partially by chance). This however is merely an attempt to evade finding the actual causes involved.

And then they say that Quantum Physics doesn’t just contradict the concept of God, Quantum Physics points to conclusions that are weirder, scarier, and fundamentally harder to accept than the concept of a God. You give your religious buddies shit for believing in an Omnipotent Creator, then your Physics professor shows you a particle that can be in two places at the same time, and the physics glamour dolls go off on a tee proclaiming and preening that the universe is weirder than the stuff we make up. A box of n-dimensional nonlinear spacetime? Energy arising from the inherent curvature of space? Bubbles of “false vacuum?”

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Business Development

The VP Story

I am often criticized for my policy of non-zero set-up/licensing fees. I am asked: why not? Our competition is charging zero set-up fees? Why not us?

I want to quote to them the bulls-eye story, and I begin to, too, then I hold back. The legacy of wanting and taking things for free – hocking up a competitor in your face, and the fear of losing your prospect to someone less capable – has come full circle for my sales and marketing peers.
What I am offering, and of what value it is or can be to the prospect, is often ignored.

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The Bikini Concept

The bikini concept is an interesting marketing tactic, particularly effective at selling or marketing a new concept, product or service.

The Bikini Model for MarketingThe-Bikini-Concept

Bikinis owe their popularity (and notoriety) to the fact that they reveal the suggestive while concealing the vital. The bikini concept is essentially based on this premise and works by revealing information that is interesting, attention grabbing and promising of more to come; but useless by itself. If there is no bikini to cover anything, then there’s no thrill of seeing anything anymore. It is like giving away so much that you are left with nothing more to see.

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Business Development

In Your FACE!

I’ve been a big doer of in-your-face, right from the start. Since I built my first company when I was 16, and it has continued ever since. My sales teams are geared to respond adequately in these matters; sometimes, seemingly to the point of arrogance. Some of them use punch lines to the hilt. My ONLY requirement is this: talk about our products and our services as exactly as they are! We should give information that will help the client and the process, the handshake should be more than a single-night-stand; a courting that lasts several dates.

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Business Development


I have been often asked to explain what I mean by the 3 tenets that my life and my company/productivity stand by. I always thought it was obvious enough, that I needn’t explain such simple concepts. This below, then, is my new year’s gift to all I know.

Perfect, Yet Changing!

When we talk about IDEAL – in terms of humans, we’re not talking about a fixed set of qualities that would make someone ideal or not ideal. In my understanding, an ideal person is one who thinks rationally, follows a logical and rational philosophy in order to gain the best or the most he can out of life. Hence, an ideal human would be one who is constantly learning, constantly upgrading, constantly seeking improvement in his work and thoughts – who in other words keeps on changing.

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A question and answer session on an old forum…

Question: I want to ask you “What actually is selling?”

mutual-benefitAnswer: A transaction process (one that creates value) between two parties/individuals that involves a product/service for mutual benefit/mutual profit.

Question: Is it helping someone to get something they want or need?

Answer: Yep. Refer to Tarang specifically customizing solutions for his buyers. We all have products and services that enrich our lives, that we need, want, and even love. The fact is, we love to buy and we love to own. And it often takes a sales person to educate us and help us connect our needs and desires with the benefits that those products and services provide our lives.

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Everytime he paused, he thought. Evertime he thought, he paused. He checked the circumstances and situation in which he had put himself and then the people around him with his whole, his cumulative, his sum total, and checked for explanations and checked for contradictions. He checked it with his moral compass. For him, it was as simple and as natural as breathing, everything had an explanation, everything. It was also a pause to connect at times with his inner creature, his joy. It beckoned to him amidst the corruption, the evil, the drudgery and the lifelessness he saw and faced everyday around him. He had to see it, to acknowledge to himself that it existed. For exist it did. And its target was HIM.

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