A question and answer session on an old forum…

Question: I want to ask you “What actually is selling?”

mutual-benefitAnswer: A transaction process (one that creates value) between two parties/individuals that involves a product/service for mutual benefit/mutual profit.

Question: Is it helping someone to get something they want or need?

Answer: Yep. Refer to Tarang specifically customizing solutions for his buyers. We all have products and services that enrich our lives, that we need, want, and even love. The fact is, we love to buy and we love to own. And it often takes a sales person to educate us and help us connect our needs and desires with the benefits that those products and services provide our lives.

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Everytime he paused, he thought. Evertime he thought, he paused. He checked the circumstances and situation in which he had put himself and then the people around him with his whole, his cumulative, his sum total, and checked for explanations and checked for contradictions. He checked it with his moral compass. For him, it was as simple and as natural as breathing, everything had an explanation, everything. It was also a pause to connect at times with his inner creature, his joy. It beckoned to him amidst the corruption, the evil, the drudgery and the lifelessness he saw and faced everyday around him. He had to see it, to acknowledge to himself that it existed. For exist it did. And its target was HIM.

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