The bikini concept is an interesting marketing tactic, particularly effective at selling or marketing a new concept, product or service.

The Bikini Model for MarketingThe-Bikini-Concept

Bikinis owe their popularity (and notoriety) to the fact that they reveal the suggestive while concealing the vital. The bikini concept is essentially based on this premise and works by revealing information that is interesting, attention grabbing and promising of more to come; but useless by itself. If there is no bikini to cover anything, then there’s no thrill of seeing anything anymore. It is like giving away so much that you are left with nothing more to see.

The Bikini Concept: As a Strategy

This concept is actually one of the most effective business strategies that you can use in information sales. In relation to the actual bikini model, the same goes with it being a business strategy. Somehow, it works on a psychological level to leave the consumers wanting for more. The bikini concept works this way: say for example you are running a do-it-yourself (DIY) blog, for which you will give sufficient information on how to build, say, a table at home. Yet, by the end of your post, you will tell the readers that aside from all the things you have mentioned for them to keep in mind, there are plenty of other things that they can do with it.

Using the Bikini Concept as a Way of Exchange

The bikini concept paves way to the value of information exchange. Once you’re done, your consumers will also feel the need to talk to you, because you left them hanging. There are a lot of things that they would want to know about the product that you are selling. In this way, the bikini concept will not only increase the popularity of the product that you are selling but they are interacting with you as well, telling you just what you need to improve in the field. In some way, the potential buyers will think that they have been provided with insufficient information and that they have to pursue whoever is selling a certain product to know more about it.

The bikini concept is a good way of selling a product while selling your services at the same time. Most of the time, the particular benefit of the product that a buyer will get on purchase, which is also what you’re not revealing at this point of time, is what they’d be glad to pay for eventually. Believe it or not, the more information you hold back will increase the demand for your product or your services. This works as sharing 90% of the concept of the product and 10% keeping the information unless otherwise demanded. One good thing about giving away only so much information to your potential clients and customers is that it creates the impression that that even though you have given them a lot of information, you are also constantly trying to come up with better ideas to innovate the product or service that you are selling.

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Aniket Warty

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