My primary goal is to lead a happy life and I know what ‘happy life’ means for me. It logically follows that I evaluate my choices, actions, options in reference to that primary goal. Is this… enhancing it (knowing more about myself) or is it taking away from it?

My life is my reference. If your life is not your reference then what other standard are you using or proposing in its place?

Pride is the clay you mold victories out of. Pride is gasoline in the engine of life. Pride is a celebration of self. Pride is a small child standing before the world and shouting, I am!

And for every child who stands up and shouts “I am!” there is a room full of adults shouting, “No you’re not! Sit down and shut up!”

It takes a strong man to stand up and say, “I don’t believe in your lies, your bribes, or your God. I AM.

Let this passage from “The Conquest Of Paradise” speak for itself:



SANCHEZ, in another direction, along a corridor, towards

his office.  As he reaches a corner with a wide window, a

hand seizes him.  COLUMBUS.



All I have to do is call the guards.



Call them.


SANCHEZ looks at him — and doesn’t call.  COLUMBUS lets

go of him.



I am not afraid of you.  You are

nothing but a dreamer.



Look out of that window.


Surprised, SANCHEZ nevertheless turns, looks out.



What do you see?



Roofs… towers, palaces…




All of them created by people like



SANCHEZ turns round again to face him.



No matter how long you live,

Sanchez, there’s something that will

never change between us.
[b]I did it!

You didn’t![/b]


COLUMBUS turns abruptly and walks away, vanishing down the

echoing corridor.



—–from “The Conquest Of Paradise” Script by Roselyne Bosch; Directed by Ridley Scott

Aniket Warty

Aniket Warty

Adventure Capitalist. I need no sanction for my life, permission for my freedom, or excuse for my wealth: I am the sanction, the warrant, and the reason. The creation of wealth is merely an extension of my innate freedom to produce.
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