Another thing both Nikesh and me have been criticized for is quick and swift promotions of key staff members. For instance when Amey was promoted to VP, a lot of underlings, who do not work with us anymore, were yelping behind his and our back saying it was most undeserved. Or when Arin was appointed as the COO, the same folks (there was a popular term for those guys: gossip girls!) claimed that it was a big joke! Both deserved their promotions; for their loyalty, their tenacity, their ability, their passion for work. Simple as that, we saw it; we rewarded it. Yes, we do tend to see the infinite potential in each deserving human being and arm them with responsibilities which they have to shoulder and rise up to the learning that we believe they will rise to. They have “earned” it, we reasoned.

Incidentally, two among the gossip girls were even given “manager” posts without ever having to earn it, despite late-comings and tons of back-biting and the least of productivity – well, that is also what infinite kindness and empathy is all about. People living “full-on” reality create value on their own, they easily increase this value by trading with each other; now, there’s so much surplus value created that the rest of the losers can live off of the scraps. The gossip-girls were the quintessential losers of the world, those living off scraps provided by the productive few.

I understand in other companies it probably takes a decade to get a Junior VP or VP post whereas here we do it in two plus years. Well, we also groom them from ground up, too, to make them possible to even get there. We work hard on making sure they have understood the vision and the philosophy of the company; and above all develop a purpose that nothing can deter them away from. The theme is always: learning, and some of these team members have risen to the occasion and situation, always looking up. Each day they were taught, made to learn something new and countless hours were spent on teaching, learning. They picked up the requisite skills and the experience along the way, this empowered them to think that this work place, this temple of productivity, this company was THEIRS! They OWNED IT, that is what ownership is all about, the sanction of me to myself; the earning of it all.

Yes, we began to build every venture from scratch, and with nothing. Like this one. It sometimes takes a lifetime to even understand what it is all about. It is not going to be a typical nine to five job, no way. It is going to be a rollercoaster ride; more downs than ups, sometimes for months, even a few years. This is how anything worth its while with integrity at its core and morality as its code is built. Paydays are few and far between, and when they are, it is like a blessing. More pain, than gain. But, each second, something irreplaceable is being built. Brick by single brick, cell by painful cell. Losers do not understand it. They never will, parasites survive by just clinging to the host, and once they have sought what they seek from it, sucked them dry, they cling to another host.

In summing up, I would like to repeat this, once again; in retrospective this is a slap against irrationality and everything that is malevolent in the Universe (everything that the Gossip Girls stand for) versus everything a productive human being with happiness as his goal will stand for and work towards:

“All my life, I have heard myself denounced; not for my faults, but for my greatest virtues. I have been hated, not for my mistakes, but for my achievements.

I have been called selfish for the courage of acting on my own judgment and bearing sole responsibility for my own life. I have been called arrogant for my independent mind. I have been called cruel for my unyielding integrity. I have been called anti-social for the vision that made me venture upon undiscovered roads. I have been called ruthless for the strength and self-discipline of my drive to my purpose. I have been called greedy for the magnificence of my power to create wealth…how weird does this all sound?

My pride and my power of vision were all that I owned when I started – and whatever I achieved, was achieved by means of them. Both are greater now.  Now I have the knowledge of the superlative value I had missed: of my right to be proud of my vision. The rest is mine to reach.”

Aniket Warty

Aniket Warty

Adventure Capitalist. I need no sanction for my life, permission for my freedom, or excuse for my wealth: I am the sanction, the warrant, and the reason. The creation of wealth is merely an extension of my innate freedom to produce.
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