Let’s face it- you all want to be your own boss. I mean, we all want to invest our time and energies working towards ‘our’ ideal dreams of making a gazillion dollars, living the high life and not having to report to work on time, or salivate like Pavlov’s dogs at the mere mention of the month end salary.

Good, but how? Owning a business seems like the ideal thing to do- but, it’s not for everybody. If you ain’t as disciplined as a trapist monk, as frugal as your grandma, as calculative as a calculator, innovative as a Leonardo Da Vinci clone, or are still fixated on the ‘not having to report to work on time’ comment from before, stick to your day job.

If however, you do qualify to go after your dreams without seriously pissing off the angels of luck and prosperity sitting on your shoulders- Read on for the 8 steps that will help you get started:

  1. Have a Plan?

What would be your business? Without this, you are goofing around man. You intend to manufacture a product, or run a service that you feel people need. Better if it’s something that’s unique and totally your own- ‘Carpool- When Carrom meets Pool’, see what we mean?

  1. Put your Plan on Paper

Even Moses needed two stone tablets to convince the Israelites about God’s Ten Commandments. To convince people around you, and keep yourself on track, you must put your big plan on paper. A business plan helps to define what you think you need to launch your business and explains its essence in a single document.

  1. What’s in a Name? Everything!!

A good, catchy name is essentially your small business’ calling card- the tip of the iceberg, if you will. Take your time to unearth a good title as people are going to soon associate this name to everything your business stands for. Meanwhile, check out if .com domains are available for this name in a legible combination. If yes, register it before someone else snaps it!!

  1. Recruit the team

Ok, this is the tricky part. Aside from your own expertise, you might want to bring in some of your trusted friends and contacts to join in your mission. This helps build a positive synergy in the team wherein people bounce ideas off each other and generally add to the overall cause. Remember however, this isn’t Oceans 11 or any one of its sequels.

  1. Get the Law on your Side

While building your plans, you might have unintentionally trampled on regulations or sought out patented or soon to be patented ideas as your own. Plus, there are tons of Government rules in place for owing a proprietorship. Hire a good Attorney to help you make sense of all this.

  1. Pump in some Cash

How are you gonna fund your business? Your savings, bank loans, funding from friends, the treasure chest buried in your garden- anything that can help your business get off the ground. With a website and online marketing, you can also seek crowd-funding from the general online masses. Always remember the four F for investment- founders, family, friends and fools.

  1. Create a Brand Entity

Unless you are running a secret project for the CIA, you want people and businesses to know about you. Get a website, corporate branding including letterheads and business cards, and that shiny metallic plaque for your front door.

  1. Online Marketing to round up the Cows

Website for your business isn’t gonna source in your target business overnight. Invest in some Online Marketing to truly spice up your website and business image across the World Wide Web. With powerful Online Marketing you can compete with established names in your sphere of operation from Day 1 itself. Bless the Digital Age!!

There, from an idea to actual business in 8 Simple Steps. Now get off that couch and get moving!

~ Lina Wang

Lina Wang

Lina Wang

Many career hats. MBA, Model, anchor, editor, dancer, painter, passionate marketer, blogger, salesperson, fitness freak, traveler. Poker Lover & Gaming Geek.
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4 thoughts on “Want to Be Your Own Boss?

  1. I’ve followed a number of your articles and the first thing I noticed instantly about this one was the difference in style. Initially I was confused, but I saw it was another writer. I think it’s fabulous to get another perspective, great information as always!

  2. I definitely don’t think I quite focused or determined enough to own my own business yet, but hopefully someday soon! We all want to be out from under a boss’s nose!

  3. “Put the plan on paper” is the wisest rule of all. You can scribble and tweak forever from there, but you don’t have anything at all before that. I think from there it is easy to get lost, thank you for a great set to keep me on track!

  4. I think these seems really logical when laid out like this, but it’s easy to forget when trying to make it up without reference.

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